Media Services
Field Equipment

* Media Services staff duties do not include explaining how the equipment operates or what equipment is needed for a particular assignment, such assistance should be found with your instructors.

* Students can only check out equipment, that they are authorized to use. Such authorization is found on your media card. Questions should be directed to the Media Services Supervisor or Assistant Director.

* You must have your media card to access Media Services field equipment. If you lose your card a new one must be acquired, A student I.D., driver license etc. WILL NOT BE ACCEPTABLE.

* Students can check out equipment for their own use only.
Students discovered to be getting equipment for other students use will be subject to disciplinary action.

* Reserved equipment that is not picked up or claimed within one half hour of its scheduled time will be considered unwanted and will be reserved to the next needy student.

* It is mandatory that you return the equipment at it’s original due date and time! Equipment must not be returned late! If equipment is returned past its due date, fines and or suspension of checkout privileges will be levied.

* Field equipment checkout is for 24 hours, with a one-time 24 hours extension per checkout, if the equipment is not reserved by someone else. You must come in or call (314)-246-6967 AT LEAST TWO HOURS in advance to make such arrangements. The only exception to the 24-hour checkout is senior overviews in film; they have up to five days of checkout with no extensions and Film 2 has up to 48-hours of checkout with no extensions.

* Under no circumstances are students allowed to exchange or hand off equipment in the field. Equipment must be checked in at Media Services before a new user can take control of it.

* You are responsible for determining what equipment and miscellaneous supplies you will need in the field. Every student will go through the equipment before leaving Media Services. If you choose not to go through the equipment you will be responsible for any broken or missing items when returned. You will be required to sign for the items you are checking out.

* During peak usage periods you may need to be return equipment sooner. Due to a limited amount of authorized users, you may be required to return loaned items shorter than 24 hours.

* All fines will be debited to your student account through the Business Office. All payments need to be paid at the Business Office WH101. All fine grievances will be put in writing, for review by a appointed committee, before fines are levied.

* Sometimes equipment will break down. If you experience any problems with the equipment, do not attempt to repair it. Fill out a trouble report / work order giving as much detail of the problem as you can. Trouble reports (paper) can be found at the Media Services front desk or to fill out a work orders you need to go on line to,, select technology request.

* Students who damage, lose or fail to return equipment checked out to them, are responsible for the costs incurred to rectify the problem.

* When returning equipment, you are expected to pack and wrap equipment in the proper manner even if it was not properly wrapped when you received it. If you are unsure how to package the equipment or where something belongs, please ask the Media Services personnel.

* In a class project situation, (no matter who signs for the field equipment), the class will be held responsible for loss, damage or late fines incurred. Students working on a class production as a production team will be responsible, in whole as a production crew. Any fines will be debited against class fees.

* Due to insurance restrictions, field equipment is limited to the St. Louis area.

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