Media Services
Reservation Guidelines

* PLAN AHEAD! Please book equipment time in ADVANCE to avoid scheduling problems!

* You are responsible for determining what equipment and miscellaneous supplies you will need.

* You will be required to sign for the items you are checking out. 

When you sign the sheet:
   1) You are verifying that you have everything you need and that it is functioning and undamaged.
   2) You become responsible for everything entered or written on the sheet.

Do not sign the sheet until you know you have everything designated on the checkout sheet and its in good working condition.

* DOUBLE BOOKING OF SAME TYPE ITEMS IS PROHIBITED. You may book only one like field production equipment package at a time. A second reservation cannot be booked until the first one has been used. Persons booking more than 24 hours will be in violation of the double booking policy.

* The Media Services staff will erase any double bookings without notice to the student who violated booking rules.

* Any student enrolled in more than one production class in a specific field of concentration must see a Supervisor or Assistant Director at the beginning of the semester. If you notify us, it will make reserving equipment much easier for you! For example, if you have two classes that would require access to field equipment, you should talk with the Supervisor or Assistant Director to make booking arrangements for the dual classes.

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