Jeff Depew - Adjunct Faculty, Department of Biological Sciences
Phone: 314/918-7019

Jeff De Pew earned his Bachelor of Science in horticulture and environmental science from University of Missouri-Columbia in 1979, a teaching certificate in biology and history as well as a Masters in education from Washington University. He has taught high school biology, ecology, field ecology and experiential field trips for 25 years in private and public schools, the Missouri Botanical Garden and Teton Science School. Jeff has taught Plant Biology, environmental Science, Missouri Environmental Issues and various ecology courses at Webster University for 10 years. He has published a field journal, Stream Ecology, a journal for action.

Jeff has had the privilege to be part of public and private ecological research on a number of endangered species throughout North America: grey whale migration in Baja California, red wolf reintroduction in North Carolina, coral reef degradation in Jamaica, black-footed ferret preservation in Wyoming, restoration of leatherback sea turtle populations in Puerto Rico, and bat species declines in California, Arizona, Tennessee and Missouri.

Jeff is certified in Wilderness First Aid and as a Sea Kayak Guide in British Columbia, Canada. He has taken students on educational/environmental field trips throughout the Caribbean and North America -   kayaking, mountaineering, snorkeling, horsepacking, canoeing and hiking.

He owns and operates Earth Designs, an environmental gallery and store in Webster Groves, Missouri.

Suggested Readings

Collapse, Jared Diamond

The Future of Life, E.O. Wilson

Biophilia, E.O. Wilson

The Biophilia Hypothesis, edited by Stephen R. Kellert

The Botany of Desire, Michael Pollan

Food of the Gods: The Search for the Original Tree of Knowledge, Terence McKenna

Intelligence in Nature, Jeremy Narby

The Forgotten Pollinators, Stephen L. Buchmann and Gary Nabhan

No Turning Back: The Life and Death of Animal Species, Richard Ellis

Enough: Staying Human in an Engineered Age, Bill McKibben