Environmental Studies Program

Environmental Studies will become Sustainability Studies in June 2012! Click to read more.

Fall 2012 Environmental Studies courses

Fall 2012 Sustainability Studies courses

Welcome to Environmental Studies at Webster University.

The Environmental Studies Committee

  • Coordinates the minor in environmental studies, a multidisciplinary program which provides a basic foundation in ecological literacy while emphasizing the insights of the humanities and social sciences into the complex interactions between human cultures and their natural surroundings.
  • Promotes environmental awareness throughout the university community through speakers, activities, field trips and other experiences.
  • Acts as an institutional hub for students, staff, and faculty interested in pursuing activities related to the environment.
  • Links Webster students, staff and faculty to environmental efforts being made through the St. Louis and greater Missouri area by making connections with other higher education institutions, research institutions, and activist organizations.

For more information, contact the Committee Chair:

Karla Armbruster