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Welcome to the Webster University Online Expert's guide. The people listed on this page may be contacted for media interviews, or invited to speak, by contacting them directly. You may also contact Polly Burtch at (314) 968-6954 to arrange an interview.

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Joe Ancona Karla Armbruster Bill Barrett Mary Bevel
Marlene Birkman Kathryn Smith Bowers James M. Brasfield Ahron Bregman
David Brennan Peggy Brockmann Polly Burtch Donna Campbell
Debra Carpenter Gary D. Clark David Clewell Sandy Cody
Gary Coffman J. Arlin Cooper Don H. Corrigan Graciela N.V. Corvalán
Colette Cummings Dunsai Dai Dian Colette Davitt Paul W. Demarinis
Niel DeVasto Mary Ann Drake Dorothy Marshall Englis James Evans
Joan B. Finder Doug Finlayson Brenda S. Fyfe Neil J. George
Gary Glasgow Gloria Grenwald George F. Gruendel Susan A. Heady
Daniel Hellinger Steve Hinson Carol Hodson Ted Hoef
Linda Holtzman Barry Hufker Jeffrey A. Hughes Michael Hulsizer
Kit Jenkins Scott Jensen Gary D. Kannenberg Ray Kerlagon
Bruce Longworth Karen Luebbert Arthur L. Lueking Robert McDermott
Anne McIlhaney Michael John Miller Monica Moore Don Morse
John Mustoe Doug O'Bannon Christopher Parr Kelly-Kate Pease
Tom Quirk Laura Rein Gary Renz Patrick Rishe
Christopher Risker John Robinson Andrea Rothbart Lynn Rubright
Michael J. Salevouris Peter Sargent Britt-Marie Schiller Carol Anne Schwab
Susan J. Seymour Arthur Silverblatt Kathleen Singleton Eileen Solomon
Patrick Stack Susan Stang Paul Steinmann Joseph Stimpfl
Kevin B. Stokes Roy Tamashiro John Threlfall Bruce Umbaugh
Dan Viele Beckah Voigt Julia Walsh Barbara Wehling
Keith Welsh Phyllis Wilkinson Gwyneth I. Williams Janet Winchester-Silbaugh
Linda Woolf John Wylie    
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