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Triumph Of The Wild with performance by Thollem McDonas

Friday, October 4 at 7:30PM

Triumph Of The Wild is a full-length multi-media performance by Thollem McDonas with films spanning Martha Colburn's career.  Triumph Of The Wild comes from the title of a 10-minute film that represents their first collaboration.  Thollem has performed with Colburn's films in major museums, festivals and universities internationally and is known as “an intense and virtuosic keyboard improviser.” (TimeOut, NY) “Known for her creative use of Super 8 stop-motion animations, Colburn crafts scenes somewhere between battle and ballet.” (HuffPost A&C). Thollem “welds elements of jazz, and classical music into a mighty tower of song, then shatters his construct with the breathless bull-rush of a mystic improviser.” (Riverfront Times) 

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