Use the menu above to select a lab and view a calendar showing the lab's availability.

Viewing the Calendars

Please note that you are viewing the availability only. You will not actually see what events are in that lab - you will see only blocks of time that the lab is labeled as "Busy". These are times where there is a class or reserved event scheduled in the lab, and it is unavailable for any other use.

The default view of a calendar is set to "Overview" which will highlight the blocks of time that a particular lab is busy on the current day and also outline the week ahead. You can change the default view of a calendar by using the links on the right side of the screen. You have the following options: Day, Week, Month, Year, or Comparison.

About Lab Schedules

We strive to maintain the most up to date schedules possible. Sometimes, however, you may find individuals using a lab or a class meeting for a one-time use although they did not schedule an official reservation through Help Desk. Lab schedules should serve as guidelines for basic availability. There are also schedules posted outside of all lab doors. If a lab is in use, you may instead use one of the Drop-in Labs, Sverdrup 206 and Webster Hall 223. Each of these labs offers both Macs and PCs.

Faculty or staff members who want to reserve one of the labs for one-time use should contact the Help Desk to make a reservation.