Barracuda SPAM Firewall Frequently Asked Questions

Bayesian, Blacklist, Email Client, Email Domain, Quarantine, Spam Filtering, Spam Scoring, Spam Tagging, Whitelist

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Bayesian—the “learning” that the Spam filtering server does to differentiate between Spam and legitimate emails.

Blacklist—Email addresses or domains that will have their messages blocked/deleted regardless of whether or not they appear to be spam.

Email Client—the program you use to read your email. Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail and Netscape Mail are some examples of email clients.

Email Domain—the part of the email address after the @. Webster’s email domain is

Quarantine—the server thinks the message is Spam but is not 100% sure and it will mark/move messages based on this assumption.

Spam Filtering—marking messages with a score, putting information in the subject and/or header or moving messages based on whether or not the message is deemed Spam

Spam Scoring—A number that the server assigns to email messages based on predefined criteria that determines if the message is likely Spam or not.

Spam Tagging—putting information in the header and/or subject line of an email to indicate that it is Spam

Whitelist—Email addresses or domains that will have their messages passed through regardless or whether or not they appear to be spam. All messages coming from are automatically whitelisted.

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Q: What email address will the Quarantine notification email come from?

A: Barracuda Spam Firewall []

Q: How often will I receive notice from the Barracuda service?

A: By default, you will not receive any notifications from the Barracuda service informing you of messages in your Quarantine box. You may change this by logging on to your Barracuda Quarantine Inbox and going to Preferences. You may choose Daily, Weekly or Never.

Q: How do I get into my Barracuda Quarantine Inbox? Do I need a login and password?

A: You login by going to and entering your Connections username and password

Q What is the “Whitelist” button on the quarantine INBOX?

A: “Whitelisting” will allow future emails from a particular sender to be delivered to your INBOX, regardless of the content of the message. This can be used for messages such as email newsletters that might appear to be spam but are not.

Q: What does the “Deliver” button on the Quarantine Inbox do?

A: This option will deliver the checked message or messages to your regular email inbox. This however does not mean that future messages of this type will be delivered; to ensure that, add the sender or domain to your whitelist

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of messages I can have in my Quarantine Inbox?

A: Yes and No. There is no number or size limit but after 15 days all messages are deleted.

Q: I want to make sure I get all email sent from a particular address. How do I do that?

A: To ensure that messages from a particular address get delivered to you, add that email address to your whitelist. To further ensure delivery you can instead add entire domains to your whitelist. Such as which would ensure that any email sent from any gmail address would be delivered to your regular inbox, regardless of content.

Q: I want to make sure I don’t get any email from a specific sender anymore. What can I do?

A: You can add the sender to your blacklist. Any email from an email address or domain on your blacklist will be “thrown away” regardless of its content. Since many spammers use serialized addresses ( , it can be useful to add domains to your blacklist.

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Q: Are there global “Blacklists” used by the Barracuda service?

A: Yes, but only proven spammers are on this list.

Q: I accidentally clicked “deliver” instead of “delete” in my quarantine. What happens now?

A: The email(s) you had selected will be delivered to your regular email inbox; however future email will continue to get scanned. And if you accidentally click “Whitelist,” you can go into your “Preferences” and click on “Whitelist/Blacklist” then delete all the “Whitelist” entries that got there accidentally.

Q: I have a lot of quarantined messages. Do I have to delete them one at a time?

A: No. Next to the “Date” column heading is a checkbox that will check all the messages on the viewable page. You can then select “Deliver,” “Whitelist”, “Delete”, “Classify as Spam” or “Classify as NOT Spam”. If you have multiple pages of spam, you will need to click this checkbox on each page of your quarantine to select all items for your chosen action.

Q: Why should I bother to select messages and click “Classify as Spam” if they are already in my Quarantine Inbox?

A: The fact that they are in your Quarantine Inbox means that Barracuda thinks they are Spam but is not completely sure. Classifying messages as Spam helps the system learn what YOU think is Spam and therefore perform its filtering and tagging more efficiently.

Q: I am still getting Spam!

A: There are several things you should check
  1. Make sure that you have set your preferences to Yes for Quarantine Enabled and Yes for Spam Filtering Enabled.
  2. If you are getting Spam in your regular email inbox, that has the subject prefix [SPAM] or [QUAR], setup a filter to move or delete these messages upon arrival
  3. If the messages you are receiving in your regular email inbox are Spam and DO NOT have the subject prefix [SPAM] or [QUAR], then you can add that email address or domain to your blacklist
  4. IF YOU ARE USING MICROSOFT OUTLOOK and the messages you are receiving in your regular email inbox are Spam and DO NOT have the subject prefix [SPAM] or [QUAR], then you can download and install a plug-in which will allow you to classify messages received in your regular inbox as Spam which will help the system catch similar messages in the future.
Q: How does the Barracuda service handle attachments?

A: The Barracuda scans attachments and handles them as follows: If you want to be sure an intended recipient receives your attachment, it is best to use software to zip or tar the file(s), or place the item where it can be file shared.

Q: How does the Barracuda handle emails that contain viruses?

A: Email which contain viruses are blocked and not delivered.

Q: In my Barracuda quarantine, is there a way to view an email before deleting it?

A: You may have noticed that when your mouse scrolls over messages they highlight with a dark grey bar. Just click once on the “subject,” “date” or “from” fields and a preview window will open. This window will show you the header information and the first 5,000 bytes of the message in Plain Text format.

Q: I've deleted something from my quarantine by mistake. Can you recover it?

A: No. Once you delete the item, it's gone. You may need to contact the sender.

Q: Do I need any local filtering, in addition to the Barracuda?

A: That is a personal preference. If you want messages tagged as [SPAM] to be deleted or moved to another folder you can use local/client filtering. Please note that if you wish for your messages to be tagged as [SPAM] or [QUAR], you will need to set Quarantine to off and Spam Filtering to on. Click here for information on filtering in all Webster supported email clients.

Q: My last batch of Barracuda messages were all spam. I selected all the messages, and clicked “deliver” instead of “delete.” Not only did I have those messages delivered, but now it thinks that they aren't spam. What should I do?

A: You will need to delete those messages yourself, but your actions will not affect the Bayesian method of spam categorization used by the Barracuda service to recognize spam.

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