Barracuda Information

The Webster University IT Department is pleased to announce the full rollout of the Barracuda Spam/Virus Firewall system on Monday morning, June 26, at 10:00 AM [St. Louis] Central Time. During the testing phase (May 1 – June 23), we have already seen some improvement in the operation of the email servers. We anticipate that this full rollout will further optimize email performance.

The spam-scanning and quarantine features in Barracuda will be turned “ON” by default for all users on this date. You will have access to your quarantine inbox and can customize your personal settings, including opting out of having any email quarantined, requesting notification of quarantine items, white listing, and various email delivery preferences. If you choose to disable the quarantine option (all messages will then be delivered to your email inbox), we strongly suggest that you leave the spam-scanning feature ON, so that messages identified as spam will be tagged appropriately and can be filtered using your email client. Please view the FAQ for detailed information about these options.

During the testing phase you may have seen messages flagged with the [SPAM] or [QUAR] tag in the subject line. For your convenience, we have now configured Barracuda so that messages with either tag will all be treated the same and placed in your quarantine inbox. This makes regularly reviewing your quarantine inbox extremely important. A point to remember: no matter what precautions we’ve put in place or how well we’ve “trained” Barracuda, some spam will get through, as spammers are persistent and motivated.

If you choose to leave the quarantine feature “ON,” quarantined items will remain in your quarantine inbox for a period of 15 calendar days. By default, you will receive no notice of these quarantined items, as these messages have already been determined to be spam. Quarantined items will be deleted from all Webster systems after the 15 days. Remember, you can opt out of the quarantine feature, or request notification of quarantined items, by changing your (Barracuda) quarantine inbox settings.

On Monday, June 26, at 10:00 AM Central Time you will be able to access your quarantine inbox at using your Connections username and password to log in. If you have forgotten or lost your Connections password, you can reset it yourself using your secret questions at