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 Webster Home


Our Agency Partners:

“Sometimes when someone does the smallest of things, to them it seems like nothing. But to someone else it changes their whole world and outlook on life. Thank you for making our residents feel like there is someone out there that truly cares about them.”
–Mary Ryder Home

“One of the volunteers was a mom that we had helped a few years back. It’s nice to see people want to give back.”
–The National Children’s Cancer Society

“As a small nonprofit, we haven’t had the time or the people to tackle our backyard or attend to our landscaping. It was such a blessing to have willing hands and dedicated students to help out and make our property look beautiful. Thank for choosing us to participate in Webster Works Worldwide 15; we are grateful for and impressed with the students and their hard work. We look forward to next year!”
–Project COPE

“Keep on doing good work. When you give of yourself, blessings always follow.”
–St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store

“Our students were stunned to find a gigantic map on the wall of the principal’s office, and they have responded with glee. One immediately began pointing out examples of isthmus, peninsula, etc. Another remarked on how much of the world is actually covered by water. And numerous students have reacted to the map by indentifying places they want to visit. Because the WWW volunteers took on a challenging task, our students are more attentive to geography and seem to find the principal’s office a more pleasant place. The principal loves it, too! Thanks, WWW!”
– City Academy

“This group did a wonderful job! They are just really nice, giving, sincere ladies; we really enjoy having them and send a huge thanks!”

“Your organization as this day very well-organized and we look forward to working with you every year. Thanks for making a difference.”
– St. Louis Co. Parks Greensfielder Park Crew

“The mural that was painted in the good pantry is great! Students were very nice and did a great job! Kudos to their instructor Gary!”
–Circle of Concern

“One of our regular volunteers found out about us through your program!”
-Wildlife Center of Missouri

“Participants were attentive to the sharing of our mission, flexible about adjustments to work projects, and gracious & good-humored during service. A wonderful team—thank you!”
-The Bridge

Our Volunteers:

“Awesome concept and love that so many people support the program.”

“I was glad to have the opportunity to give time back to an organization who has supported my family by providing services in the past. Thanks for the opportunity to volunteer on behalf of Webster. It’s a great program!”

“The kids that I worked with were so cute and really brought to my attention a different generation, and how it would be so much easier to change the future by taking care of our kids.”

“I think WWW is an amazing program and would love to do it again.”

“Working with the elderly is a heartwarming experience.”

“Loved all the choices I had to choose from to volunteer, but maybe offer some choices that are located in Illinois for people that live there. As a new staff member, this was a great opportunity to meet other staff and students. Everyone was so friendly and any enjoyable to work with. Our team leader was also very organized and on top of things before and the day of WWW.”

“It was so fulfilling to help the physically disabled bowl and have fun! Peter, a man that I helped, smiled from ear to ear the entire afternoon.”

“This is a great program, and loved doing this in our community.”

“WWW is a great program. So many people want to help others, but don’t know where to go. This program gives employees lots of options. The organizations are so appreciative of the amount of work we’re able to complete for them.”

“I really enjoyed getting to know the residents, and it was really cool to see how happy they were that we were here.”

“I was impressed with the organization of the project and the number and variety of volunteer opportunities.”