Below are the courses I have taught at Webster. To find out if a particular course is being offered (by me or another instructor) in a given semester, check Webster's online schedule of courses.

Professional Writing
ENGL 1030 Introduction to Literature WRIT 2072 Writing for Change GNST 1200 Freshman Seminar:
ENGL 2040 Major U.S. Writers WRIT 2090 Writing in the Workplace • Dogs and What They Tell Us about Being Human
ENGL 2050 Major U.S. Writers I (to 1865) WRIT 2400 Introduction to Professional Writing • American Dreams and Nightmares
ENGL 2110 Perspectives: WRIT 4000 Topics in Professional Writing: GNST 1300 Technology, Science, and Society: Environmental Literacy
• Western American Literature • Science Writing for Regular People
• Literature of Oppression and Resistance • Gender and Communication
• Humans and Other Animals Writing for Nonprofit Organizations
ENGL 2210 Literature into Film • Writing on Nature and Environment
• Frontiers and Contact Zones
WRIT 4400 Advanced Workshop in Writing as a Profession
• Bad Boys, Loners, and Cads
ENGL 4500 Literary Criticism