Internet Resources: Magnum

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The Agency

Magnum has its own home page, and lists its photographers individually. I have not duplicated those links below, but rather have tried to find and link to a wide variety of less "official" pages on the net that will give an even broader picture.

Members of Magnum (and some other associated photographers):

(Biographies of many of these photographers are also available. Click on the arrow next to the letter of the name you're interested in, and a list of photographers will appear.)

Eve Arnold

Cornell Capa

Robert Capa

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Bruce Davidson

Carl de Keyser

Elliot Erwitt

Martine Franck

Leonard Freed

Ernst Haas

Charles Harbutt

Erich Hartmann

David Hurn

Josef Koudelka

Danny Lyon

Mary Ellen Mark

Susan Meiselas

James Nachtwey

Gilles Peress

Eli Reed

Marc Riboud

Eugene Richards

George Rodger

David Seymour (Chim)

Jeanloup Sieff

W. Eugene Smith

Dennis Stock

Burk Uzzle

William Vandivert

John Vink

Alex Webb

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