Motet is a World Wide Web-based computer conferencing system that is home to a conference for this course. There is also a "Practice" conference available for you to learn how to use Motet, and a "Commons" conference where you can have informal conversations with a wide range of Webster students, faculty, and some other folks.

Bruce Umbaugh, a Webster philosophy professor, is the administrator of Motet. He has a fine page with more information about the Motet system if that would be helpful to you.

To register for Motet, use this form. However, it is essential that you also send a message to Bill Barrett giving your Motet user name, so that you can be authorized to enter the discussion . Registering with the Motet system will allow you to participate in any "public" conference, but our class discussions are "private," and so I need to tell Motet that you have permission to join us.

Once you have registered and received confirmation of your Motet username and password, you can enter Motet. As soon as you let me know your user name, you will be added to the class's conference, whose name is in your syllabus." Please look through the topics, and speak your thoughts. (You might want to start off in the area called "Introductions," and let us know who you are.)

Welcome! See you there!

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