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Here are my honest and true opinions on five webpages that revolve the around the broad, vast world of photography. This is a growing page, so there are soon more to come...

This is Our Work: The Legacy of Sir William Osler

For those of you who may think that the hospital is a cold, sterile environment, will see a warm, humane portrayal of the medical profession on This is Our Work: The Legacy of Sir William Olser homepage. This simple, yet precise-looking website is to promote the book of the same name by Canadian photographer, Ted Grant. The book version of This is Our Work... contains Grant's warm, inspiring B&W photos of modern-day doctors and nurses, plus quotes by Sir William Osler.

Six of Grant's photographs are displayed throughout this website. Among these images are: a tasteful shot of a smiling doctor presenting a newborn to its mother, a man playfully examing the throat of a child, and a seemingly-optimistic doctor looking at x-rays. A sizable biography of Ted Grant and his 40-year career in photojournalism, and commercial and medical photography is provided. Plus, there is additional information on how to order the book.

There are a couple of minor problems and concerns about this website. One is that the pictures need to be viewed on a monitor that contains a thousand colors or more, or else the images will look muddy (due to digital dithering). Also, it would be nice if this site would provide a bio on Sir William Olser, since he was the main reason of why Grant concieved This is Our Work... in the first place. Otherwise, this site and it's subject are very wonderful, and interesting as well!

DSF Photography

If you or your business is in need of a place that specializes in family portraits, commercial photography, "inspirational" posters or perhaps any kind of photography in general, DSF Photography in Colorado Springs, Colorado would be able to help you. DSF's simple, yet concise site is basically an advertisement for their business. But other than that, this site provides very little else.

The DSF website has a small photo gallery, but the folks at DSF do shortchange theirselves by only displaying a few advertisment-friendly, scenic shots of Alaska, Hawaii, and Colorado. If you happen to like any them, you can buy 11x17 prints of the images. They look rather ideal for the average office or den.

The main problem with this site is that since DSF produces various types of photograhy, their gallery should be more reflective of the work they produce, instead of just displaying their images of Alaska, Hawaii, and Colorado. However, DSF Photography can always improve in the future. They do have a comments page and we can give them some suggestions.

Mythopoeia: The Making of Myths

Would you like to see mythical characters that are beautifully submerged in a world of fantasy? Then check out photographer Suza Scalora's ambitious and intreguing Mythopoepia: The Making of Myth's. This website provides a wide array of images under the catagories of the Holy, the Immortal, the Fables, and the Damned. Scalora invites you to provide stories about each character. She is planning to use some of the stories in her CD Rom and book versions of Mythopoeia... However, some of the images are easier to get to than others. A more creative, if not better, alternative is to go to the Color Therapy page (which has a spiffy, 60's-styled logo!) where you can access the photos by clicking on a color that would happen to be the predominant hue of a specific image. The Color Therapy page also allows you to buy prints of the photographs.

Scalora's photos are technically and creatively exciting. The settings are usually simple, but her use of models, make-up, lighting and digital-imaging are amazing. Eventhough, I am not very interested in mythicism and fantasy, I really like the Mythopoeia... home page. It is mainly because Suza Scalora's enthusiasm for her photographic work and multimedia projects greatly shows.

Stacy's Home Journal

I love the VR (virtual reality) panoramic picture of several adjointed buildings and streets in New York on Stacy's Home Journal. Rodenstock's pages nicely utilizes frames, as you are able to easily go in and out of them, unlike a number of frames-based pages. The fonts (New Berolina MT, Pepita MT, and Script MT Bold) used on this page are nice, but they can be a little hard to read in some parts. On the down side of Stacy's Home Journal, the information provided about Rodenstock and her work is limited and esoteric that some people may find it uninteresting. Plus, some of the layout tends to a bit cluttered.

The two main images on Rodenstock's site are Pat Robinson at a Christian Coalition rally and a shot of some members at a Promise Keepers convention. Her images are so powerful and technically well-done that you may feel like you are at one of these events. But, unless you are a member or a fan of the Christian Coalition or the Promise Keepers, you probably won't like the impact of what these photos possess. Stacy's Home Journal does, however, provide a lengthy list of links to other photography-related web sites...

Focal Point F8

This SF-based, on-line design and production group promotes the work of a diverse range of modern-day famous and obscure photographers. Every two months, Focal Point F8 features a specific number of these photographer's portfolios in order to auction off one of their prints. So far, Focal Point is on their second section of portfolios. They also have a growing resource page of competitions, events, exhibits, galleries, et al. Their home page possesses sort of a serious, organzational look as they feature heavily-endorsed photo competions and journals. However, the page is also too long, and is crammed with lots of information. Focal Point should consider shortening it and putting some of the text on to other pages. But nevertheless, they do feature a lot of wonderful photographs by some really talented people.

Among the works in Section #2, the award-winning, documentary photographer, Susan Meiselas offers five images of events and daily rituals in El Salvador. Roberto Soncin Gerometta shows the amazing things he can do with river reflections and other people, places and things in Venice, Italy. And Chris Faust gives us screen-filling, panaromic shots of streets, sidewalks, railroad tracks, and man-made arches in Midwestern suburbia.

Click on Section #1, and observe Mark Bryan Brown's intreguing document on the people and the culture of the former Soviet Union. Kim Stringfellow takes her French literature, pop cultrue and mythicism influences and puts them on to her Planeteria portfolio of dye-transfer images. If you really want to amuse yourself, check out the color-saturated, fish-eyed lens images of both mundane and strange scenes by commercial photographer Susan Werner. Her photos feature John Walters, Jose Eber, baby dogs, and other surreal-like characters and situations...

So, if you happen to be an avid collector of modern photography, and you don't mind taking part in an on-line auction, do consider going to Focal Point f8 for a diverse range of images.

Any comments, criticisms and love pats about any of mine, please feel free to tell me.

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