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See discussion of P.J. grave's. There is some discussion at to exactly where his remains are buried.


St. Louis Register
“The Official Catholic Newspaper of the archdiocese of St. Louis”
Vol. XII. No. 32
Friday, August 8, 1952

Transcribed by Henry Herbst, 05 October 2003

Funeral services for the Rev. Patrick J. O’Connor, Irish-born pastor of St. James’ parish in St. Louis, and a priest widely known for his genial personality and untiring zeal, were held Aug. 4 from the St. James church.

Archbishop Joseph E. Ritter presided in a Solemn Mass of Requiem and gave the last absolution following the Mass, which was preceded by the chanting of the Office of the Dead by the priests’ choir. The body lay in state in the church at Tamm and Wade avenues from the previous afternoon, and parishioners kept an all-night, prayerful vigil at the casket.

Father O’Connor died of cancer July 30 in the parish rectory adjoining the church. He had undergone an operation in St. John’s hospital in February, and, a few days after the operation, he returned to the rectory where he had remained until his death. He was 69 years of age.

The Rt. Rev. Monsignor George P. Keating, with Rt. Rev. Monsignor Joseph A. McMahon, and the Rev. Joseph A. Bremerich, close friends who had participated in the celebration of Father O’Connor’s 40th Anniversary of priesthood in 1947, with the Rev. Anthony A. Palumbo, a boy of St. James’ parish, and likewise a close friend of the late pastor, held offices in the funeral services. Monsignor Keating, who is pastor of Sts. Mary and Joseph’s parish, was the celebrant of the Mass; Monsignor McMahon, pastor of St. Luke’s parish, Richmond Heights, delivered the sermon; and Father Bremerich, pastor of Holy Family parish, St. Louis, served as deacon in the Mass. The office of subdeacon was filled by Father Palumbo, who is pastor of St. Anthony’s parish in High Ridge.

Minor Officers

Other officers were; Master of ceremonies, the Rev. George J. Scheer, pastor of Good Shepherd parish, Hillsboro, and former assistant at St. James’; acolytes, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Jakle, assistant pastor of St. Bernadette’s parish, Lemay, and former assistant pastor at St. James, and the Rev. Lawrence J. Schieber, assistant pastor of St. Stephen, Protomartyr’s parish, St. Louis, and a son of St. James’ parish; thurifer, the Rev. Raphael Walsh, O.S. B., a son of the parish; and deacons of honor to the Archbishop; two former assistants of the parish, the Rev. Leo C. Byrne, pastor of Immaculata parish, Richmond Heights; and the Rev. John R. Phelan, pastor of St. Anthony’s parish, Sullivan.

Chanters at the Divine Office that preceded the Mass were the Rev. William L. Ebert. Pastor of St. Boniface’s parish, St. Louis; and Rev. Arthur V. Peet, assistant pastor of St. Joseph’s parish, Clayton. Organist for the priests’ choir was the Rev. Gerald J. Sommer, pastor of Immaculate Conception parish, West Alton; and director of the choir was the Rev. Joseph H Anler, administrator of St. James parish, Catawissa.

Born in Kerry County

Father O’Connor was born in Ballbunion, Kerry County, Ireland, Jan. 1, 1883. He studied for the priesthood in St. Patrick’s college, Carlow, Ireland, and was ordained there June 9, 1907. Coming to the United States in the year of his ordination he was appointed to St. Edward’s parish in St. Louis as an assistant pastor. After five years he was transferred to the St. James parish where he spent the remainder of his life, the years from his appointment until 1918 an assistant pastor, and from 1918 until 1929 as administrator of the parish. He was appointed pastor on Nov. 14, 1929.

Besides building the magnificent 11th century type stone church which was erected in 1927 and consecrated in 1941. Father O’Connor was the builder of a large school, a convent for the Dominican Sisters who teach in the school, and a parish rectory. The rectory which was completed less than a year before Father took sick, serves also as a meeting place for parish social functions.

Surviving Father O’Connor are a brother and three sisters living in Ireland. They are Michael O’Connor, Mrs. Margaret Slat??? and Miss Lil, and Miss Joan O’Connor. He is also survived by a number of nieces and nephews who live in New York and who came to St. Louis for the funeral.

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