The establishment of a settlement in Cheltenham (Dogtown)in the 19th century is essentially the story of mining and brick making. Those activities were not the absolute beginnings of this area's history as I've tried to make clear in other essays. However, it was the root of growth and stability and essentially defined the region from 1855 to 1900.

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Name of the Company Location of the brick factory Earliest Latest Comments
Brockschmitt Brothers Along north side of Manchester at 6533, about Dale or Mitchell 1888 1909 Some sources and details of the Brockschmitt works
Cheltenham Fire Brick Co. North side Manchester at Tamm to Billon (Hampton) [Same as Evens #1] 1878 Was purchased by Evens and Howard
Cheltenham Fire Clay 6841 Mitchell 1922
Evens & Howard Fire Brick Co. NE corner Tamm and Manchester 1855 Various further reports on the Evens & Howard Company
Hanna and Company East and West of Kingsway, north of Manchester 1861 1867 Purchased in 1867 by Hydraulic
Highlands Fire Clay Company From Highlands to Macklind along Oakland 1907 1930 Owned by Anton Steuver, who also owned the Highlands later on.
Hydraulic Press Brick Co. Took over Hanna and Company (see that entry) 1867 Story on Hydraulic-Press Brick Co from 1904 magazine.
Laclede Fire Brick Co. On south side of Manchester 1854 1947 Photo and some details of Laclede and brick making
Missouri Fire Clay Co. Mine and factory at 1319 Kraft 1910 1916
Missouri Fire Brick Co. Corner of Knox and Manchester 1882 1929 Detailed story of Missouri Fire Brick Co.
Mitchell Clay Manufacturing Co. North side Manchester between Sublette and Pierce 1857 1932 Story on The Mitchell Clay Manufacturing Co. from 1904 magazine.
Pacific Fire Clay Address only listed as Cheltenham. Offices downtown 1873 1877 Some sources and details of Pacific Fire Clay works
St. Louis Terra Cotta Company 5801-15, NW corner of Pierce and Manchester 1894 1908 Story on St. Louis Terra Cotta Company from 1904 magazine
Winkle Terra Cotta Company N. of Manchester between Pierce and Sulphur 1883 1955 Sources and details on Winkle Terra Cotta Company


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