By Rose Kennedy
February 17, 2006

In 19l8, Anthony Chiaurro, his wife, Rose and children, Phillip, Frank, Edward and Helen lived at 1019 Tamm Ave. The children ranged in age from 10 to 5. Two older daughters, Mary and Elizabeth, had already married and moved on.

Anthony came over from Genessa, Italy, near Naples, in the early 1900s and lived here, working at three jobs, took down buildings, street department, etc. It was several years before he brought Rose and two daughters here to Tamm Ave. where he had the house raised, using the street apartment for a store.

Ninety-two year old Helen (2005) remembers working in the store as a child. She was born at this address and also remembers that they had a carriage and two horses in the yard. There was also a brick oven where Rose baked bread (the back of which is still there). She raised a vegetable garden and lovely grape orchards and her own chickens.

Rose was a very devout Catholic, raising her family to be the same, and member of St. James Parish for all of her years. By this time, Anthony was in the process of preparing to buy and own several pieces of property downtown and on Tamm Ave. in his later years.


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