John, Ed (Spider), and Kate in 1944
Picture taken in back yard at 6410 Wade

John and Kate Corbett arrived in Dogtown in 1915 and lived their first six years here at 6408 Brockschmitt. The two had been married in 1908 at St. Malachy's Parish. Before marrying John had been in the navy and passed the World's Fair year of 1904 on a ship in the southern hemisphere.

Before arriving in Dogtown they had three sons, John (Red), Bill (Snail) and Charles (Rooster) born in 1910, 11 and 12. The first Dogtown born Corbett was my father, Bob, born in 1916. Their last boy, Ed (Spider) was also born down on Brockschmitt in 1918. And I do mean born at home. Home births were the norm for most Dogtown people of those days. The last child of their family, Catherine, was the only one born in their new and permanent home, 6410 Wade. Catherine was born in 1923. The Corbetts had moved up on Wade in 1921.

John Corbett was most likely brought to Dogtown by Mr. Crotty. Ed Crotty had a business down in the city in the 6400 block of Scott Ave. My great uncle, John Corbett, lived in the same block for many years, just two doors from Mr. Crotty business, which included drivers for his wagons. My grandfather, John, was a chauffeur, driving horse and buggy for the first years and later moving to automobiles. My grandfather died very young at the age of 62 in 1944.

I loved that old house on Wade and the great parties there were held there nearly every weekend. They literally rolled up the rugs in the living and dining room, carried them out and danced, danced, danced. The

Corbett family group picture taken during World War II. Back row from

left: 1st: Dick Quirk, Olivine Corbett, Kate Corbett, Doc Meyer, Art Schmitz, Gene's wife, Gene Martineau, Catherine Corbett (Moser).

Front row: Bill Corbett with his kids, Kathleen and Pat, Bob Corbett (my father), my Grandpa John Corbett holding, me (Bob Corbett), Jerry O'Shaughnessey and Hennie Schad.


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