By Ann Patrice O'Shaughnessy
March 10, 2006

First Arrivials - Willam Fitzgerald O'Shaughnessy and Nora Mary O'Shaughneesy, nee O'Sullivan

Second Generation - Mary Geraldine O'Shaughnessy married James Brady, John Joseph O'Shaughnessy married Mary E. (Pat) Murphy, William Patrick O'Shaughnessy married Emilie Krienheder, Nora Viola O'Shaughnessy married Michael Joseph Purcell, Catherine Margaret O'Shaughnessy married Ferdinand G. Krall, Thomas Francis O'Shaughnessy, married Mary Lillian McEvoy, Julia Anne O'Shaughnessy married Robert James Jorgen, James Edward O'Shaughnessy, Joseph O'Shaughnessy

Third Generation - James J. Brady, married Gaynor Nelson, 2nd marriage to Annette Eberhardt Leavy, William F. Brady,married Shirley Collins, Robert J. Brady married Dorothy Ellen Booth, Mary Ellen O'Shaughnessy married Melvin Pillman, Christine M Krall, Ann Patrice O'Shaughnessy, Kathleen O'Shaughnessy, Robert Jorgen

Fourth Generation - Norene Brady Taylor, Timothy Brady, Therese Brady, Mary Brady, Peggy Brady, Kimberly Brady, Erin Brady, William Brady, Brian Brady, Linda Brady, Brigid Brady, Barry Brady, Kevin Terrence Brady, Daniel Joseph Pillman

William Fitzgerald O'Shaughnessy was born in Drumcollogher, Ireland on January 6, 1873 to Patrick O'Shaughnessy and Mary Fitzgerald. He was the second of 5 boys - James, baptized on June 2, 1869, William, baptized on January 11, 1872 (that's what the church record says, but it must be 1873 as that was the year he was born), Thomas, baptized July 20, 1874, Patrick, baptized March 10, 1877, Michael, baptized Oct. 3, 1880 and John, baptized Oct. 18, 1883. All were baptized at St. Bartholomew Church in Drumcollogher.

William's mother, Mary Fitzgerald was born in Ireland in 1841 to James Fitzgerald and Julia Cane. James Fitzerald worked as a cooper, and he and his wife, Julia are buried in Springfield Cemetery, in Drumcollogher, Ireland. Mary was one of three children. Her brother was William Fitzgerald, who died on July 14, 1916 and her sister was Julia Fitzgerald, who died on July 11, 1933. Both her brother and her sister are buried in Springfield Cemetery, in Drumcollogher, Ireland. Their home is still standing at Drumcollogher on the Square and is now called "The Gift Box". During their lifetime they ran a dry goods store on the lower level. Bob Jorgen's research states that Mary married Patrick O'Shaughnessy in London, so presumably Patrick O'Shaughnessy was working there. I do not know Bob's source for this information. Patrick and Mary lived above J. P. Wall's Hardware Store, at Drumcollogher on the Square. It is there that William Fitzgerald O'Shaughnessy grew up. That building burned and now a private residence stands there. Mary moved from Ireland to New Zealand sometime around 1904. It is not known if she moved to New Zealand with her husband, Patrick. Patrick's date of death is unknown, as is his burial place. She lived in New Zealand for 16 years until her death on June 4, 1920 in Marton, New Zealand. Her place of residence was Patea, and she is buried there in Mountain View Cemetery. Patea is a town of 2000 people on the Tasmanian seacoast about 150 miles south of Auckland.

William emigrated to the United States on the ship Gallia. He left from Queenstown (Cobh) Port and arrived in the USA on February 15 1893. His destination as listed on the ship manifest was St. Louis. He became a naturalized citizen on January 12, 1900. in the City of St. Louis Circuit Court. William's brothers Thomas and Patrick also emigrated to St. Louis and lived there until their deaths. After Patrick's death, his widow and two daughters moved to California. It appears Michael and John remained in Ireland and perhaps died as young children or infants. William's brother James moved from Ireland to New Zealand and lived there the rest of his life. William visited James in 1930 after not having seen him for 40 years (according to a letter William wrote from New Zealand).

Nora Mary O'Sullivan was born on November 14, 1882 in Millstreet, Ireland to John O'Sullivan and Catherine Looney. It is believed she lived all of her live in Ireland at #5 Church Street with her siblings, brothers George and Cornelius and 5 sisters, Margaret, Hannah (Boyle) Molly (Landgraf), Julia (Lavey) and Kate. George was killed while still a young man. He was, according to stories told, either "killed by a stray bullet that ricocheted off a cattle horn", or "gored to death by a bull". Millstreet was a town where the cattle were brought to market, so perhaps one of these oft told stories is correct. Cornelius (Con) emigrated to East St. Louis, where 5 of his sisters were later to join him. The youngest Kate remained in Ireland with her parents. She continued to live at #5 Church Street, catering and boarding cattlemen, until her death. (Not sure of her date of death, but she was still writing letters to St. Louis in the 1960's). John O'Sullivan, Catherine Looney O'Sullivan, and George O'Sullivan are buried in the churchyard of St. Patrick's Church in Millstreet. It is possible Kate is buried there also, but her name is not on the tombstone, except as the donor of the stone. (On a visit to Ireland Ann Patrice and Kathleen O'Shaughnessy, Christine Krall Rigney and Mary Anne Jorgen met 2 ladies on Church Street who remembered Kate as an old woman. They told us her house was always fun with lots of card games and laughter. She was a much loved neighbor and died with many loving friends around her.)

Nora emigrated to the USA from Queenstown (Cobh) Port on the ship Lucania. She arrived on April 29, 1899 and continued on to East St. Louis to her brother, Con.

William married Nora O'Sullivan in East St. Louis on September 24, 1902 in a Catholic ceremony. At that time he was listed as a resident of St. Louis, Missouri and she of East St. Louis, Missouri. William's brother Thomas and Nora's sister, Margaret were witness to the wedding. It is know that William and Nora lived in Immaculate Conception Parish in Maplewood, and from there moved to 6533 Nashville Street where they first appeared in the Gould Directory for 1912. In 1919, William and Nora purchased the house at 6426 Wade Ave. Thomas and Catherine (Kitty) O'Shaughnessy spoke of the move from Nashville several times, remembering that each child carried their pillow with them as they walked to their new home on Wade Ave. William worked as a motorman for the St. Louis Transit Company from the Maplewood "shed". He died on August 19, 1935 and is buried in Calvary Cemetery. Nora died on February 1, 1952 and is buried in Calvary Cemetery.

William and Nora O'Shaughnessy had 9 children.

This information is based on

  1. Extensive research done by Robert Jorgen

  2. Discoveries made by Ann Patrice and Kathleen O'Shaughnessy, Christine Rigney and Mary Anne Jorgen on their trip to Ireland.

  3. A list of names and dates compiled by Nora O'Shaughnessy


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