The first week has been quite slow. I did a few introductory things, a number of people introduced themselves to us. Finally we did get into a bit of a discussion of deforestation. Importantly, the registered students from Webster University all checked in (only three folks who are taking the course for credit at the university).

Now as we move to week two we'll also move a bit slowly. The plan that I list in the syllabus for the second week includes the following work:

Week 2:

  1. Basic data and geography.
  2. Third, fourth and fifth world status.
  3. Maps. Haiti and Hispaniola.

I do want you all do some reading in LIBERTE. The readings that will be useful at this time are chapters three and four, pages 80 to 110.

Chapter Three is about Rural Haiti: Peasants, Land and the Environment

Chapter Four is on: Poverty and Urban Life.

I offer one long essay as a basic overview of Haiti. This essay will be quite controversial, so I will go to the 800 member mailing list and invite people to read the essay and respond. I'm hoping some of the list members will respond. So please be sure to read:   Corbett's essay on Haiti as a nation in poverty

By the way, about the mailing list. I do run a daily e-mail service of news, discussion, inquiry and miscellaneous posts about Haiti. There are about 800 people on this list. Near all the visitors to this course are on the list, so perhaps only three of you aren't on the list. It's a LOT of mail, and it doesn't cost anything. If you are interested,  please take a look at the invitation and process of subscribing.

I also have posted a general essay surveying the geographic layout of Haiti.   On the main page of my Haiti sections there is a map. It is small. However, if you Just click on it it will blow up to a larger map. I'll comment on that too.

Please get some contributions to me. Recall the expected essay will be

  1. One significant response to one of the major essays I have posted for this week, or the readings in Libete.
  2. Posing one serious question in relation to the theme of the week.
  3. One response to the writings of another student (visitor or formal student). If needs be you can respond to Corbett's writings too, but I would prefer if you addressed the works of a different person.

  4. You are ALWAYS invited to contribute other posts, just anything you want. The required posts are the minimums, not the maximum.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Bob Corbett

Bob Corbett


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