PHIL 1010: -- SUMMER 2001

Bob Corbett, instructor

Meets: 10 AM -- NOON.

This is a reading, discussion, analysis, evaluation and thinking course and not a lecture course. Students are expected to read the assigned texts with care. However, it is expected that students will participate vigorously in class in a way that demonstrate some serious thinking about texts that have obviously been read with care. "Shooting from the hip" that is, talking without thinking and without the benefit of having read the texts or thinking is not as much welcomed in class discussion.

15% of the class grade will be given for class discussion. This has nothing to do with class ATTENDANCE, which is another matter all together. Rather, the expectation is that you not merely attend class and do the written assignments, but that you contribute to the class discussion.

The grades will be given on the following basis:

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Bob Corbett