Camp Moss History

HISTORY:  Camp Moss was opened around 1926. An exact date cannot be determined. However, a 1947 publication revealed that the Camp was owned by the council for over twenty years. The five and a half acre camp on Lake Road in the Town of Porter served the needs of the Niagara Falls Area Council until 1942 when it became inadequate in area and facilites. The Camp was situated a half mile from Lake Ontario and because of erosion to the banks at the waterfront it made boating and swimming unattractive and unsafe. Although the Camp was closed in 1942, it remained the property of Niagara Falls Area Council (and later the Niagara Frontier Council) until the late 1940s. Between the close of Camp Moss in 1942 and the opening of Camp Stonehaven and Northern Lights in 1946, scouts in the area used Camp Thunder Rock and other nearby camps operated by the surrounding councils.

ADDRESS: Camp Moss was located on Lake Road, Town of Porter, NY 14174.

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