Northern Lights Scout Camp History

HISTORY: Northern Lights Summer Camp was a canoe base that became operational in 1946 and was operated by the Niagara Frontier Council. The camp continued operation in the Greater Niagara Frontier Council until 1987 when it was sold for private use. The camp has had several names throughout its tenure. From its inception until the 60s it was referred to as Northern Lights Scout Camp. In the mid 60s the camp was called Camp Northern Lights. In the late 60s the Greater Niagara Frontier Council referred to the property as Camp Northern Lights. In the 70s and 80s the camp was called Northen Lights Canoe Base. Finally, the camp was called Northern Lights in the mid to late 80s. The Homme Du Nord patches in the 1980s were issued to scouts that participated in a special canoe program based on the French Canadian Voyageurs. A new program, Birchbark Expeditions, has recently been launched by GNFC. Additional info on this program is on the main page.

ADDRESS: Northern Lights Scout Camp was located in Canada. Specifically within the Halliburton Highlands on Lake Kushog, Minden, Ontario

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