Camp Schoellkopf History

HISTORY:  The camp came into existence in 1938 and was originally owned by Buffalo Council (BC). In 1949, Erie County Council (ECC) merged with Buffalo Council and the camp became part of the Buffalo Area Council (BAC). The camp was still being used as a summer camp when the Buffalo Area Council merged in 1967 with the Niagara Frontier Council (NFC). The Greater Niagara Frontier Council (GNFC) has countinued to use Schoellkopf as a summer camp for Boy Scouts. Schoellkopf was primarily used as a patrol style summer camp where troops cooked their own meals. Troops that desired a dining hall experience went to Camp Scouthaven. However, in the late 1980s, when Camp Scouthaven closed as a boy scout summer camp (it remains open as a cub camp), a dining tent was erected at Schoellkopf. As a result, the vast majority of tropps attending Camp Schoellkopf use the dining facilities.

ADDRESS: Schoellkopf is located at 1373 Burrough Rd, Cowlesville, NY 14037. Phone 716-591-1171. Web

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