Camp Stonehaven History

HISTORY:  Camp "Stone Haven" as it was originally called (later the camp name was combined to the now familiar Camp Stonehaven) was purchased in 1946 by the Niagara Frontier Council. The sixty-five acre site, located just below the escarpment near Pekin, NY was designed for year round use for weekend and short camping trips. Camp Stonehaven replaced Camp Moss which ceased to be used for scout use in 1942 due to the fact it became inadequate in area and facilities to accommodate the council needs. Stonehaven was still being used as a weekend and short term camp when the Niagara Frontier Council (NFC) merged with the Buffalo Area Council (BAC) in 1967. The Greater Niagara Frontier Council (GNFC) has continued to use Stonehaven for this same purpose - weekend troop camping, hosting District camporees and OA Chapter Ordeal/Brotherhood induction weekends. The camp was also used for Cub Scout Day Camps in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Stonehaven currently has three spacious cabins, five lean-to shelters, and numerous campsites surrounding a large rock quarry. The land, located just below Bonds Lake Park near the Tuscarora Indian Reservation, is largely undeveloped and has several interesting rock formations and other historical sites such as "Frankenstein's Castle."

Much speculation exists as to the original use of the structure known as "Frankenstein's Castle." The land that is now part of the camp was originally a stone quarry. Indeed, the lakes are actually the old stone quarries which have filled up with water, and the remains of an old narrow gauge railbed can still be seen. The structure refered to as "Frankenstein's Castle" supported and moved a cable system for moving large stones up from the quarry, and/or loading them on to railroad cars. The stone lean-to #7 and cabin #2 are along the old railroad line. Although, the "Castle" itself is not actually on camp property.

Thanks to Joe Baschnagel, Don Izard, Army Leonetti, and Dirk Norwich for their insights on "Frankenstein's Castle."

ADDRESS: Stonehaven is located at 4670 Albright Rd., Ransomville, NY 14131. Phone 716-731-5959. Web

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