Camp Ti-Wa-Ya-Ee History

HISTORY: The camp became the property of the Erie County Council (ECC) in 1928. However, records suggest it likely operated as Camp Ti-Wa-Ya-Ee beginning in 1925. Camp Ti-Wa-Ya-Ee is a Seneca Indian word meaning "trustworthy-loyal". At that time it was probably used by the BSA but open to other boys. The camp was located on 470 acres in the Three Valley Nature Reserve among the Holland Hills -3 miles south of Holland, NY. It became exclusive to the ECC in 1928. The camp had a kitchen, dining and recreation areas houses in the "Long House." Below was a three acre gem of a lake, created by a 300-foot dam. On the shores was "Buccaneers Roost," where one could find the craft shops and the shelters for boats and canoes.

The Camp became the property of the Buffalo Area Council (BAC) after Buffalo Council and Erie County Council merged in 1949. In 1967 Buffalo Area Council and the Niagara Frontier Council merged to form the Greater Niagara Frontier Council (GNFC). The camp was used by the GNFC until 1980 when it was unfortunately sold to a private group.

ADDRESS: Ti-Wa-Ya-Ee was located on Route 16, Holland, NY 14080.

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