Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee Lodge 159

Lodge Chapter Patches

The patches that follow have been identified using the Blue Book. I have several question marks (e.g., number issued, designer, issue date) and would appreciate any information. Send me an e-mail if you have additional information that would make these descriptions more complete.

I have indicated which items I am particularly interested in for my personal collection. However, I often pick up dupes from these lodges for other interested collectors. Email me if you have any extra items represented on this page.

Note: It took a bit of effort to scan and polish these images. Please link to this page (or the home page) rather than downloading the images.

I need items with a ** for my collection! I will buy/trade for these items!

AMHERST             No known chapter issues
APACHE             No known chapter issues
CATTARAUGUS             No known chapter issues
CAYUGA             No known chapter issues
CAZENOVIA N1 RED P WHT RED   SSC; RED "Cazenovia Chapter"; No Lodge Name; Vintage OA Indian head in center
ELLICOTT J1a** DBL R WHT BLK   Arrowhead shape; 160x100mm; 64mm Lodge Name
  J1b DBL R WHT BLK   Arrowhead shape; 152x100mm; 60mm Lodge Name
  J2** GRY R WHT BLK   151mm Round; OA MGM jacket patch; BLK "Ellicott Chapter" and "Lodge 159"
  N1           Number skipped in error
  N2a BLU P WHT BLK   SSC; Ellicott Chapter; 147mm chapter name; BLK "Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee"; Length change needs to be updated in the BBVI
  N2b BLU P WHT BLK   SSC; Ellicott Chapter; 134mm chapter name; BLK "Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee"
  N2c LBL P WHT BLK   SSC; 147mm "Ellicott Chapter"; BLK "Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee"
  R1** RED R LBL BLK   BLK 159, Ceremonial Team
  R2** RED R BLU     WHT WWW, 159, Ceremonial Team. No face on Chief
ERIE             No known chapter issues
FALLING WATERS             No known chapter issues
IROQUOIS             No known chapter issues
KENTON N1 BLK P BLU RED   RED "Ken ton"; 100mm tall embroidered Indian; No Lodge Name
MOHAWK             No known chapter issues
NIAGARA N1** DBL P LBL RED WHT FDL; Embroidered; Same design as X2; 151x136mm
  X1 RED R BLU RED   twill; 150x132mm; RED "Niagara Chapter" and "Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee"
  X2 WHT R M/C RED WHT FDL; solid; 155x138mm; RED "Niagara Chapter" and "Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee"
  eN1979-1   C DBL BLU BLU BSA; SSC; Given to participants at 1979 JLT; Niagara Chapter; No Lodge Name
  eN1979-2**   C DBL RED RED BSA; SSC; Given to participants at 1979 JLT; Niagara Chapter; No Lodge Name
ONGARA             No known chapter issues
ONONDAGA             No known chapter issues
PIONEER             No known chapter issues
POLARIS eR2004 SMY R WHT RED BLK FDL; BLU "Winter Fest '04"; LBL "40th Ann. Klondike"; RED "Camp Stonehaven". No Lodge name/number
PORTAGE L1**     TAN     Lodge and Chapter name stamped on leather slide BRN OA, Arrow left HMVE
  eR1968** WHT R ORG WHT   1968 Skill instructor training
  eR1969** WHT R LBL     1969 Winter Skills
RAINBOW             No known chapter issues
RED JACKET             No known chapter issues
SCAJAQUEDA             No known chapter issues
SENECA             No known chapter issues
SILVER LAKES             No known chapter issues
STEEL R1** BRN C WHT TRQ   79mm Round; TRQ "Steel Dist.Chapter"; Indian holding an arrow; No Lodge Name
THEODORE ROOSEVELT             No known chapter issues
TONAWANDAS             No known chapter issues
TWO NATIONS             No known chapter issues
WHITE PINE             No known chapter issues

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