Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee Lodge 159


The flaps which follow have been identified using the Blue Book. I have several question marks (e.g., number issued, designer, issue date) and would appreciate any information. Send me an e-mail if you have additional information that would make these descriptions more complete.

I have indicated which items I am particularly interested in for my personal collection. However, I often pick up dupes from these lodges for other interested collectors. Email me if you have any extra items represented on this page.

Note: It took a bit of effort to scan and polish these images. Please link to this page (or the home page) rather than downloading the images.

I need items with a ** for my collection! I will buy/trade for these items!

YF1** RED R LBL BLU YEL FDL; NE5A Home of the Northeast Region Chief; possible sample
YS1** RED R M/C DGR   Like S1 (Sample?)
YS2 BLU R M/C RED YEL FDL; Like S13 (Sample?)
YX1 BRN C BRN     45x38mm "Buffalo Chip" Dangle; NOT AN OA ISSUE; 2005 Jambo GNFC contingent piece
ZF1           Listed in Error; Duplicate of YF1
ZF2           Listed in Error; Duplicate of YF1;
ZS1 BLK R M/C RED YEL FDL; Identical to S13 but ZS1 has PB "Chang fake"

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