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I have chosen to present the following area/section conclave memorabilia based on whether my original lodge (159) was a member. Consequently, due to the recent reshuffling of section membership, the site jumps around a little after 1994.

Please let me know if you see any errors or have any scans to add.

Available Memorabilia Images

Area 2E (1949-1972)

Northeast Region NE-2C (1973-1988)

Northeast Region NE-7A (1989-1994)

Northeast Region NE-3A (1995-1997)

Northeast Region NE-5A (1998-2000)

Northeast Region NE-3A (2001-present)

Available Checklists

Checklist of Area/Section Conclave Event Memorabilia (.pdf format)

Checklist of Area/Section General Memorabilia (non-event) (.pdf)

Lodge Membership Per Year (1945-present) in Each Section
Dates in Yellow need Confirmation (.pdf)

My Area/Section Event Needs (.pdf format)


Special Thanks

A special thanks goes out to Marty Abramson, Don Ames, Rob Cunningham, Frank Dingwerth, Jim Kunkel, Roger Lemke, John Reed, and Ron Schmidt for their help in constructing this site. All of which provided knowledge, patches, insights, and suggestions for the site. This could not have been done without their support.

In addition, I would be remiss if I did not thank my wife Michelle for tolerating my obsession with old (and sometimes expensive) pieces of cloth :-)

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