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Read the following memo regarding Webster University's official policy on class attendance:

21 July, 2003

From: Sue Morris, Senior Director


Webster University’s policy on class attendance per the catalogue is as follows:

"Students are expected to attend ALL class sessions of every course. In case of unavoidable absence, the student must contact the instructor. The student is subject to appropriate academic penalty for incomplete or unacceptable makeup work, or for excessive or unexcused absences."

Students will incur a reduction of 10% of their final grade for a second unexcused absence or inappropriate make up work.

Students are allowed a maximum of ONE unexcused absence. A total of four excused absences is the maximum allowed, or a combination of one unexcused and three excused absences. Any student who knows that he/she will miss five classes is advised to formally withdraw from the class - or realize that he/she will receive a grade of "F".

Excused absence designations are reserved only for students who miss three or four classes due to official military TDY orders, flight orders, heavy work commitment, and sickness. All of these absences must be documented – and – this documentation must be submitted to the instructor. If a student submits blanket orders – a cover letter signed by his/her supervisor must be attached. The cover letter must specifically include the exact dates upon which the student was absent due to temporary duty assignment.

Heavy work commitment will also require a supervisory letter submitted to the instructor.

Students absent due to illness must submit a physician’s statement to the instructor.

Students using Government Funding for their tuition (e.g. VA, Tuition Assistance or Form 1556) should be aware that attendance is mandatory. Flagrant disregard of the above policy can result in termination of government funding, with the student being held responsible for payment of his or her total tuition.



If you are going to miss a class, you need to send me an e-mail message (SUBJECT: ITM 5000 Absence) and include the following information:
  1. Your name
  2. State the specific class dates that you will be missing.
  3. State the reason for the absence . (Personal, business-related, medical, etc.)
  4. If the absence does not qualify as "personal", indicate when you will be submitting the required documentation.





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