Biography - Dr. Patrick Rishe, Associate Professor of Economics (Webster University), Director - Sportsimpacts

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Dr. Rishe is in the midst of his 8th year at Webster University in St. Louis.  Additionally, he is the founder and director of, a sports consulting firm that specializes in sports marketing research and economic impact studies for sporting events, as well as valuation analyses and litigation support.  Dr. Rishe also teaches courses in the business of sports, a course that covers topics related to sports economics, sports finance, and sports marketing. 

Since founding his consulting practice in October 2000, Dr. Rishe has conducted over 50 different studies with organizations ranging from local sports commissions and convention and visitor bureaus, city councils, pro sports teams, college athletic departments, and event rights holders.

Dr. Rishe has been involved with several high-profile events within the last 4 years.  Aside from the 21 NCAA D-I championships for which he was responsible for general market research studies during the 2003-04 and 2004-05 NCAA Division I Championship season, he was also responsible for producing the economic impact studies for events such as the 2006 Super Bowl (Super Bowl XL) in Detroit, the 2006 Cotton Bowl in Dallas, the 2006 Missouri Valley Basketball Conference Tournament, a 2005 feasibility study for whether San Antonio could support an NFL franchise, the 2005 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, the 2005 NCAA Men's Final Four, and the 2004 Ryder Cup.

Please read on to learn more about Dr. Rishe's current and past professional activities.

2006 - Consulting

The first few months of 2006 were a firestorm of consulting activity for Dr. Rishe.  Between January 1st and March 31st, Dr. Rishe conducted economic impact studies for the following events: the 2006 Cotton Bowl in Dallas,  Super Bowl XL in Detroit, 2 Motorcross events at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, and the 2006 State Farm Missouri Valley Conference basketball tournament. 

During the summer of 2006, Dr. Rishe traveled to Virginia Beach twice on consulting trips.  The first trip was for a market research study at the 2006 Washington Redskins Beach Blitz, a fan appreciation weekend the Redskins conducted for their fans.  The other trip was an economic impact study for the AAU Junior Olympic Games.  Most recently, Dr. Rishe completed an impact study for the 2006 Dream Cruise, a classic car show taking place along famous Woodward Avenue in suburban Detroit.

2005 - Consulting

In 2005 Dr. Rishe conducted impact studies for the 2005 East Coast Surfing Championships, the 2005 MLB All-Star Game, the 2005 Men's Final Four, and the 2005 Dallas Cup (an international youth soccer club tournament).  He also conducted a feasibility study for the city of San Antonio regarding the city's efforts to attract an NFL franchise to San Antonio.  Part of this endeavor included surveying fans at the October 16th game between the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints held at the Alamodome.

Regarding his NCAA market research, between March and July 2005 he conducted studies for Men's Wrestling (St. Louis), Women's Hockey (Durham, NH), Men's Hockey (Columbus), Women's Gymnastics (Auburn), Men's Lacrosse (Philly), the Women's College World Series (Oklahoma City), and the Men's College World Series (Omaha).  In December 2004, the beginning of the 04-05 championship season, he did studies for Women's Soccer (Raleigh), Men's Soccer (Carson), and Women's Volleyball (Long Beach).

2004 - Consulting

Under his role as a market research consultant with the NCAA, Dr. Rishe conducted the NCAA's market research at the Division I Championships for the following sports: women's and men's soccer, women's volleyball, wrestling, men's and women's hockey, women's gymnastics, men's lacrosse, and the men's and women's college world series.  In all, 10 Division I Championships.  Additionally, he conducted research at the inaugural Division II Spring Sports Festival in Orlando in May 2004.

Aside from his research with the NCAA, Dr. Rishe provided his consulting services to the St. Louis Sports Commission to assess fan feedback to St. Louis being a host city for the NCAA Wrestling Championships.  He also updated the economic impact report that he conducted for the Ohio State Athletics department the previous year. 

Other economic impact/market research reports conducted by Sportsimpacts in 2004 included: the 2004 Red River Shootout (annual football rivalry between Oklahoma and Texas), the 2004 Ryder Cup, the 2004 East Coast Surfing Championships, and the 2004 Folsom Pro Rodeo. 

Lastly, Dr. Rishe concluded his first experience as an expert trial witness in February 2004. The case involved an Olympic skier whose career had been diminished as a result of an accident that occurred in the Olympic Village during the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City.  The jury found in favor of the skier, and awarded a settlement consistent with the economic damages assessed by Dr. Rishe.

2004 - Academics

Dr. Rishe and co-author Mike Mondello of Florida State published "Comparative Economic Impact Analyses: Differences Across Cities, Events, and Demographics", in Economic Development Quarterly in November 2004.  This fell quickly on the heels of "Variable Ticket Pricing in Major League Baseball: A Case Study of the 2002 St. Louis Cardinals", published in the International Journal of Sport Management in the fall of 2004, and "Ticket Price Determination in Professional Sports: An Empirical Analysis of the NBA, NFL, NHL, and Major League Baseball", published in Sport Marketing Quarterly in June 2004.  All of these papers were co-authored with Dr. Mondello.

Dr. Rishe was most proud and honored to be bestowed with the inaugural Dave Steward Integration of Technology in Teaching Award, which carried with it a $2500 cash award.  Dr. Rishe's use of Aplia in his economics classes, coupled with his use of Sports Business Daily for his sports business class, were instrumental in helping him win this award.


Dr. Rishe conducted 6 economic impact studies in 2003.  Events and locations were as follows: Ohio State Athletics Program (Columbus), NCAA Wrestling Championships (Kansas City), NCAA Men's South Regional (San Antonio), Senior Olympic Games (Norfolk), the AAU Junior Olympic Games (Detroit), and the T-Mobile International Cycling Event (San Francisco). 

Dr. Rishe published several things of note in 2003.  One was an article co-authored with Mike Mondello of Florida State University that was published in Sport Marketing Quarterly, addressing how NFL teams determine their ticket prices.  Dr. Rishe also published two editorials for Sports Business Journal, the first regarding the economic situation facing the NHL, and the second regarding various aspects of variable ticket pricing in sports. 

On November 15th Dr. Rishe held a sports business symposium that invited guests from across the St. Louis region to receive a 4-hour crash course in the business of sports. There were 75 event attendees.  Of the $2250 raised by the event, $750 was charitable donated to the March of Dimes, and $500 was dedicated to the John Sanders Memorial Scholarship Fund at Southwest Missouri State University.

Educational Background

Dr. Rishe obtained his undergraduate degree in economics from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 1992.  He stayed at Charlotte for an additional year for his masters degree in economics.  He completed his education by obtaining his PhD. in Economics from Binghamton University (NY) in 1997 at the age of 27.  His doctoral dissertation investigated whether the football betting market was consistent with efficient markets theory.

After two one-year visiting appointments (Indiana University Southeast  in 1997 and University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 1998), he obtained a tenure-track position with Webster University beginning in the fall of 1999.  And after four years as an assistant professor, Dr. Rishe was granted tenure and promoted to the rank of associate professor during the spring semester of 2003.

Consulting Experience

Dr. Rishe's career as a sports consultant has taken off since joining Webster University.  Locally, Dr. Rishe has created ties and has done sports-related event studies for the St. Louis Sports Commission, the St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association, and the St. Louis Cardinals.

Below are a list of clients with whom Dr. Rishe has worked with since beginning his sports consulting practice in October 2000: 


St. Louis Sports Commission

 St. Louis Cardinals

Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau

Detroit Sports Commission

Virginia Beach Sports Commission

 Hampton Roads Sports Commission

Waldo and Jones L.L.C. (Salt Lake)

Paul Werth and Associates (Columbus, OH)

Weitz and Luxenberg L.L.C. (New York)

San Antonio Sports Foundation

 Kansas City Sports Corporation

 Hampton Roads Sports Commission

Pro Cycling Tour

Folsom County Chamber of Commerce (Folsom, CA)

Rhode Island Sports Council

USA Gymnastics

Village of Forsyth, Illinois

Media Relations

Dr. Rishe is often contacted by regional and national media alike as a reference on matters relating to the business of sports.

He has appeared on numerous TV interviews on St. Louis news stations, as well as numerous appearances on local sports talk radio.  Nationally, his perspectives on different aspects of sports business have been quoted by:

Indianapolis Star


San Jose Business Journal

Raleigh Business Journal   

St. Louis Business Journal   

Minneapolis Star Tribune

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 

Detroit Free Press  

Sports Business Journal   

St. Louis Post Dispatch

USA Today

Palm Beach Daily News   

St. Paul Pioneer Press

Miami Herald

  The Dallas Morning News

San Antonio Express News

Sacramento Bee

Boston Globe

Kansas City Star

The Washington Times

Professional Development

Dr. Rishe participates in the 'sports sessions' annually held at the Western Economic Association Meetings.

Dr. Rishe was a keynote speaker on economic impact studies at the annual meeting for the National Association of Sports Commissions in both 2001 (Richmond) and 2003 (Chattanooga).  He attended the 2002 meeting held in Reno, Nevada.  By participating at these meetings, Dr. Rishe has been able to develop a strong rapport with various sports commissions throughout the country, as evidenced by his client list.  

Other Publications

Academically, Dr. Rishe has also published papers in Social Science Quarterly, The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, The Midwestern Business and Economic Review, and the Journal of Sports Economics.  He has published editorials in the Sports Business Journal, The St. Louis Business Journal, and The NCAA News.

Contact Information

Dr. Rishe may be reached by phone at 314.968.7008 (work) or 314.540.4017 (cell).  His email address is