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Packet 10 - Organic Chemistry

Assignment Sheet
Joke File (optional, but funny!)
WS 10.1 - Organic Chemistry
WS 10.2 - Alkanes
WS 10.3 - Isomers
WS 10.4 - Nomenclature
WS 10.5 - Organic Compounds
WS 10.6 - Organic Reactions
WS 10.7 - Nomenclature II
WS 10.8 - Geometric Isomers
WS 10.9 - Plastic Data Gathering
WS 10.10 - More Reactions
WS 10.11 - Aromatics
WS 10.12 - Review (2 pages)
Demo Log Sheet
Note: these labs are multiple
pages long. I recommend
that after you print a lab,
you staple the multiple pages
together into 1 lab!
Ester Lab (2 pages)
Plastic ID Lab (2 pages)
Cross-Linked Polymer Lab (2 pages)

Upon completion of packet, please fill out packet 10 survey

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