Women's Intellectual Contributions to the Study of Mind and Society

Students, as part of an advanced seminar, examined and wrote about the lives of these women, their intellectual contributions, and the unique impact and special problems that being female had on their careers.

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Beatrice Medicine

August 1, 1923 to Present

Beatrice Medicine is from the Standing Rock Reservation in South Dakota (Biography Resource Center). Medicine received her undergraduate degree from South Dakota State University (Biography Resource Center). Medicine received her masterĪ€s degree in sociology and anthropology from Michigan State University (University of Michigan). She went on to the University of Wisconsin at Madison for her Ph.D. work (University of Michigan).

Medicine has been active in the field by teaching, serving on committees, chairing, presenting at conferences, as well as writing and editing. In 1991, Medicine received the Distinguished Service Award, now known as The Franz Boas Award for Exemplary Service to Anthropology, from the American Anthropology Association (American Anthropological Association).

Medicine is most active in the research of relating to the roles of Indian Women, Lakota culture, and the changes facing American Indian culture and traditions (Biography Resource Center). She has taught at over thirty universities throughout the United States and Canada (University of Michigan). Medicine has published books, contributed chapters, and over fifty journal articles through out her career (Biography Resource Center). Medicine remains active in research and her community in Wakpala, South Dakota (Doll, 1994). In 1998, Medicine received an honorary doctorate in humanities from the University of Michigan for her contributions to her field (University of Michigan).


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