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Associate Professor of History
History, Politics & International Relations Department
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Ph.D., University of Michigan
B.A. with Distinction in All Subjects, Cornell University
Student, Deep Springs College


Recent Publications:

Beyond the Prison Gates: Punishment & Welfare in Germany, 1850-1933 (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2009)

Winner of the 2009 Baker-Burton Prize of the Southern Historical Association for the best first book in European history.

“Jews, Justice, and the Power of Sensation in the Weimar Republic,” under review Leo Baeck Institute Yearbook

“Welfare and Justice: The Battle over Gerichtshilfe in the Weimar Republic,” in Crime and Criminal Justice in Modern Germany, ed. Richard Wetzell (Berghahn, forthcoming)


“Ehre und Degradierung: Amerikanische und deutsche Kriminalpolitik im Vergleich,” in »Transformationen von Ehre. Ehrkonzepte, Ehrkonflikte und Ehrminderung im Kontext von Recht (15. bis 20. Jahrhundert)«, eds. Sylvia Kesper-Biermann, Ulrike Ludwig, and Alexandra Ortmann (Meine Verlag, 2011)

„Philosemitism: A Berlin Story,“ Winter Harvest: Jewish Writing in St. Louis, eds. Howard Schwartz & Barbara Raznick, (Brodsky Library Press, 2011)

“Beschädigte Menschenmaterial: Der Vorbestrafte im Deutschland,” in Hinter Gittern: Zur Geschichte der Inhaftierung zwischen Bestrafung, Besserung und politischem Ausschluß, eds. Silke Klewin, Herbert Reinke, und Gerhard Sälter (Leipziger Universitätsverlag, 2010)


Review. Work, Race, and the Emergence of Radical Right Corporatism in Imperial Germany by Dennis Sweeney, Journal of Modern History (Fall 2010)

Review. Verbrecher im Visier der Experten. Kriminalpolitik zwischen Wissenschaft und Praxis im 19. und fruehen 20. Jahrhundert  eds. Desiree Schauz and Sabine Freitag, H-Net Reviews (April, 2009)

Review. ‘Die Chance, Bürger zu werden.’ Deutsche Politik unter amerikanischer Besatzung:Die Heidelberger Aktionsgruppe’ 1946-1947 by Katharina Hausmann, H-Net Reviews (Sept 2007)


Recent Lectures & Presentations

“The Paradox of ‘Jewish Power:’ The Struggle Against Antisemitism in Pre-Hitler Germany,” The Annual Arthur B. and David B. Jacobson Lecture in Judaic Studies, Brown University, October 24, 2011

"Under Justitia's Robes: Exhibits on Nazi Justice in the Federal Republic of Germany,” German Studies Association, Oakland, CA, October 2010

Justice, the Jews, and the Paranoid Style in Weimar Politics: The Haas-Helling Affair of 1926,” Center for European Studies, Harvard University (Sept 2010); Department of History Speakers Series, Bowdoin College (Sept 2010); Le Centre Canadien D'études Allemandes et Européennes, Université de Montréal (May 2010); and Zentrum für Antisemitismusforschung, Technische Universität zu Berlin (July 2009)

“The Criminal’s Honor and the Discourse of Criminal Policy 1900-1930,” Ehre und Recht, Tagung. Arbeitskreis Historische Kriminalitätsforschung, Stuttgart-Hohenheim, May 2009

Immigrant St. Louis: The German & Irish Experience 1820-1865,” Wednesday Club of St. Louis, December 2008

“Violence Unleashed: The Meaning of Kristallnacht,” Kristallnacht Rembrance Day, Holocaust Museum and Learning Center, St. Louis, November 2008

“Putin’s Russia: The Search for Order,” Great Decisions Series, St. Louis, March 2008

Vienna and the Holocaust, Docent Training Series,” Holocaust Museum & Learning Center, St. Louis, Fall 2007

“Immigrant Europe: Fear, Loathing, & Some Reasons for Hope,” Center for International Education Lecture Series, Webster University, Fall 2007




Exhibits designed & researched with Webster students:

On War & Civil Liberties

The Old Courthouse, St. Louis, MO


"From Citizens to Soldiers"
The Soldiers' Memorial & Museum, St. Louis, MO
2001 - 2005